Teleste Seat Reservation solution

Seat reservation solution enables smooth journey for the passengers as they can easily find the seat that they have booked before entering the train. At the same time the solution allows non-seated passengers to ride with comfort as they can take up any unreserved seat.

Key benefits

Smooth journey for all passengers

Information available in the train about which seats are booked and which are available for non-seated passengers. Ensures smooth travelling experience for all passengers.

Clear visual information

Seat reservation status presented on high quality information displays. Displays based on OLED technology provide clear information with excellent visibility. Available seats can be easily recognized from the gangway.

Integrated diagnostics

With integrated diagnostics feature of the displays up-to-date information about operation condition of the displays integrated to the system is easily available for the operator. Diagnostics data is transferred over SNMP interface.

Integration to ticket sales

Teleste seat reservation solution can be integrated into external ticket sales system. The integrated solution can be customized based on the external interface. The solution is adaptable to several data interfaces.

Teleste On-board solutions

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