Display control and diagnostics

The quality of good passenger information systems is not only based on excellent display technology and always up-to-date content but also on the reliability of all system components. With Display Hub as part of our software suite, operators and technicians have an excellent tool to check the status of displays, single components and interfaces, thus guaranteeing a highly reliable systems operation.

Key benefits

Comprehensive display overview

Display Hub provides you a comprehensive overview of all your information displays that are online, offline or not connected.

Smart features and functions

Display Hub features several smart functions such as screenshots and a live view designed to retrieve and check content of your displays.

Predefined alerts and notifications

Generating of alerts and notification is possible in cases where system components (doors, panels, PC, fans etc.) or even interfaces fail.

Real-time logs for statistical purposes

To help you stay on top of your system and its operation, Display Hub supports recording of all system alerts for later analysis of events and statistical purposes.

Telesta Central software

All software hubs

Our central software includes a full range of software modules for display control, vehicle monitoring, information and content management.